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© Copyright 2021 Xavier Studio
Publishing / Education
© Copyright 2021 Xavier Studio

Featured Works

XAVIER STUDIO's contribution to these featured works has created "groundbreaking, standard-setting" art programs that have played an essential role in the pedagogical success of these best selling textbooks. 


Art Developmental Editing

Figure Art Development

Figure Art Illustration

Chapter Opener Illustrations
Book Design
Pedagogical Features Development

Navigational Features Design

Style Sheet Development

Graphic and Art Conventions Design

Book Cover Illustrations

Seven Bypasses: Tenets and Techniques for Revascularization by Michael T. Lawton

Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc. 

Microbiology by Robert W. Bauman

Pearson/Benjamin Cummings

Seven AVMs: Tenets and Techniques for Resection by Michael T. Lawton

Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.

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